Rejuvenate Article 2

foreveryoungrejuvinateShannon Higgins was the second winner of the makeover contest by Rejuvenate Magazine.

Rejuvenate magazine quoted “One of the most interactive segments of the annual makeover is the work done by Forever Young Salon”. Salon owner April Currie and her highly talented team met with Shannon one week before the makeover for a comprehensive consultation. Currie’s team considered Shannon’s eye color, hair color and texture, as well as her lifestyle so the team could accurately transform her look.

From the consultation, Currie determined that Higgins had sensitive skin that was prone to breakouts. Currie performed microdermabrasion one week before the actual makeover so that her skin would adjust and not be red. Currie said microdermabrasion refines the skin by removing old skin cells and promoting collagen. Currie also treated Shannon’s neck area to keep it smooth and consistent, as this tends to be a problem area most women forget about.

For the actual makeover, Shannon received princess-like treatments from Forever Young Salon team members, including skin care treatments, a new hair style and make-up application. One week after the microdermabrasion, Currie began Shannon’s facial, which included deep cleansing, exfoliation, a hydrating mask, eye serum and vitamin C moisturizer. Currie used products by Forever Young Salon.(sold as retail also). These products can be used on all types of skin, including sensitive skin.

Shannon’s hair was transformed by Ashton Gieger at Forever Young Salon.

Gieger considered the fact that Shannon had a very busy lifestyle and needed easy maintenance. Before the makeover, Shannon had a few warm hi-lites applied. Shannon and Ashton found a picture they both liked and went for a new look. Ashton weaved in some chunky blond highlights and used a razor to stack the back of Shannon’s hair and also feathered the hair around the ears.

Shannon’s makeup was the last of the makeover. Currie applied a natural look which complemented Shannon’s eyes and new hair style.

Then it was onto Clencairn Garden in Rock Hill, where Shannon had her photo shoot with Melanie Tinkler, owner of Portrait Collections by Melanie. “I felt like an absolute movie-star that day,” said Shannon.”
Shannon’s’ husband and children were clearly happy with her transformation. “When my oldest son saw me that evening he said, ‘Mommy, you have rock-start hair’” laughed Shannon. “The entire experience truly lifted my spirits,” she admitted.

She truly sees the value in spending a little time for herself, and pampering herself may actually be part of the healing process in the long run.